POTATO POLAND 2019 NIDZICA is an exhibition and conference event aimed at integrating the Polish and european potato industry, opening the Polish market to the world, transferring knowledge and technologies to agricultural producers and increasing the self-esteem of industry and its partners. These goals are achieved through a significant number of exhibitors from Poland and abroad, participation in exhibition and conference support by local and central government authorities, active participation in the organization of the world of science, agricultural self-governments and representatives of the agro-food industry. This event is transitive and every year the exhibition is organized in a similar time, but always in another region of Poland. The main organizer and owner of the trademark is Polish Institute of Plant Breeding and Acclimatization . Every year, as part of the organization of the fair, a co-organizer is selected, which organizes the exhibition and supervises its course locally. This year, in connection with the decision of the IHAR director, the event was located in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, and the role of co-organizer was entrusted to one of the largest Polish seed potato producers, CN Nidzica. Thus, the country’s largest specialist event for the potato industry will take place in the Nidzica district.

This year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development under the leadership of Minister Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski for the first time in the history of National Potato Days took on the role of its co-organizer. This is closely related to the active policy of Minister J.K. Ardanowski, aimed at raising the importance of Polish agriculture as well as expanding the possibilities of cooperation with foreign markets for Polish agricultural producers and the national agri-food industry. The support of the XXVI National Potato Days as one of the most important specialist events in Europe is also part of the government PLAN FOR A COUNTRY AREA and PROGRAM FOR POLISH POTATOE. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as a co-organizer guarantees a high-ranking event, substantive and media support. The support of all persons and units subordinate to the ministry that have been involved in the project is also invaluable. All elements make up the final result of international and national promotion of Polish agriculture in this Polish potato industry. Poland as the second in Europe and the world’s ninth producer of potato has something to be proud of, and the support of government administration makes it possible to do it in a professional manner while maintaining high quality and substantive standards of the organized exhibition and scientific conference.

This year’s edition organized in Nidzica, as well as the two previous ones organized respectively in 2017 in Kalinowa (Sieradz poviat, Łódź province) and 2018 in Bonin (Koszalin poviat, West Pomeranian Voivodeship) are aimed at introducing Poland to a cyclical event about the world prestige which is the POTATO EUROPE exhibition. At the moment, it is organized cyclically in four countries, namely Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The ambition of the Polish Potato Federation and other industry participants is the introduction of Poland as the fifth country – the organizer of POTATO EUROPE, which is also confirmed by Poland’s return to the world and European leaders of potato producers. It is therefore necessary to prepare the event with a flourish and raise its rank by the presence of representatives of the authorities, parliamentarians, science and agricultural self-governments as well as distinguished guests from abroad. It is also necessary to make the appropriate setting in the form of the location of both the exhibition as well as accompanying events and the selection of the appropriate quality of the setting in the field of culture and art. Therefore, preliminary concepts regarding the exhibition plan, accompanying events and organizational assumptions will be presented below.

The fair will be located near the S7 route in Siemiątki, commune and district of Nidzica, province Warmia-Mazury. The exhibition will take place in a field of about 30 ha, while around the exhibition area, a 100 ha seed potato plantation of CN Nidzica will be planted, which should make an amazing impression for the guests and participants of the exhibition. The trade fair area will be fenced in order to direct visitors according to the direction of the visit allowing for full familiarization with the prepared presentation of exhibitors. Thus, the entrance to the fair will take place through a registration tent where every person entering the trade fair will have to provide their data and where they will also receive an informer / trade fair catalog with an identifier and an advertising bag with gadgets from general sponsors. Then, after registering guests will have to go to the main market hall with an area of ​​up to 5000 m2, where will be located fair stands and a conference room. After leaving the hall, visitors will pass through the avenue on which sides will be located demonstration plots of producers of plant protection products and seed potatoes. At the end of the avenue, the exhibition area is planned for external stands for agricultural machinery manufacturers and Premium industry sponsors. Behind the stands there is a demonstration field with an area of ​​10 ha, on which potato varieties provided by the sponsor of the main breeding and seed industry will be presented – in this case, it is EUROPLANT – an international concern guaranteeing the international range of the exhibition. The field will also include demonstrations of cultivation machines, planters, descalers, combine harvesters, reloading baskets, etc., including irrigation techniques. Main sponsor in this branche is FRICKE (John Deere, Grimme, Manitou dealer)

In addition, we assume the creation of a special zone for the media, the investor zone and the catering zone. All this is to provide visitors a comfort of participating in the exhibition.

Friday 23/08/2019

9.00 – 15.00 – opening of the fair for visitors – business day. During the day, the organizers will emphasize the creation of the greatest possible opportunity for B2B meetings of professionals and key clients. This day is to enable, above all, meetings between producers and processors.

Conference “Sail and the Wind.” Conference Center-Hotel Przystań Olsztyn, Żeglarska St. 4

Possibilities of using the environmental and economic potential of the northern Poland regions, including Warmia and Mazury region, in the aspect of growing potato production. Directions of production, quality and possible distribution channels of products in the country and abroad of Poland based on the assumptions of the Program for Polish Potato 2020-2025 MRiRW and support opportunities from the Polish Development Fund and the ROP.

16-16.30 Greeting / registration.

16.30-16.45 – Development of the economic infrastructure of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship and the possibilities of supporting investment activities – a representative of the Marshal’s Office in Olsztyn.

16.45-17.00 – Polish potato program – representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

17.00-17.15 – Polish Potato Federation – mission, vision, goals, activities, structure.

17.15-17.30 – Coffee break.

17.30-17.45 – Possibilities for the development of seed production in northern Poland, including the province Warmia and Mazury against the background of European production – Tigran Richter- Europatat seed commision chairman- Norika.

17.45-18.00 – World potato congress – Romain Cools. The place of Poland and its regions in the world potato market. Current status, prospects, opportunities and threats.

18.00-18.15 – Polish development fund. Possibilities of development and support for foreign investments.

18.15-18.30 – “Work locally, think globally” – Tomasz Jakubiak

19.00- 24.00 – banquet with modern Polish cuisine in the edition of Tomasz Jakubiak

The evening banquet will take place at the pier of the renowned ,,Przystań”(harbor) restaurant in Olsztyn, st. Żeglarska 4 near the Ukiel Lake. The evening will be accompanied by a jazz quartet and a European cuisine with the use of Polish ingredients, including several potato dishes. In the meantime, we are considering a culinary show of modern Polish cuisine in the edition of the world-class chef Tomasz Jakubiak, known primarily for promoting local Polish products. The subject of the dinner will be “Sail and Wind”, and the beautiful view of the lake and the marina is to show the beauty and environmental qualities of not only the region but also the country.

Saturday 24/08/2019

9.00 – 9.30 – Ceremonial opening of the fair by (for which we have a great hope and what we are seeking) of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development JK Ardanowski, KRIR President Viktor Szmulewicz and representatives of the Organizer and local authorities.

9.30 – 10.00 – A walk around the fair expositions and a 15-20 min briefing of the minister and selected people presenting the Polish Potato Program and the establishment of the exhibition and conference.

10.00 – 14.00 – scientific and technical conference (ring – visionary clash)

Conference POTATO POLAND 2019 – Experience- Working together-Effectiveness
Vision – Costs – Market

Potato as a healthy, high-quality, modern food produced in accordance with the principles of sustainable agriculture in the face of socio-cultural and climatic changes. Effective resource management in the face of rising energy and labor costs. World trends and development opportunities for Polish farms and agri-food industry based on potato and related products using automation and digitization processes.

9.30-10.00 Registration/greeting

Round 1 – Clash of Visio

10.00-10.15 Where are we? The situation in potato production in Poland. Structural and quality problems. Solutions and goals for the future. A clash between a representative of Agricultural Chambers and MRIRW.

10.15-10.30 – Quality or quantity. Needs to evaluate thinking about potato production and sales. The need to restructure the industry. A clash between K. Korolewicz – Europlant, Tomasz Jakubiak – chef.

10.30-10.45 – official certification and international quality systems. Representative of Piorin or Wijhars versus someone from SGS or TUV (Global GAP, Haccp, GMP +)

10.45-11.00 coffee break

Round 2Clash of costs
11.00-11.15 energy and cost management in agriculture and processing. Energy consulting.

11.15-11.30 automation and digitization in confrontation with traditional agriculture and small-scale food production.

Intensification of production and sustainable and ecological agriculture. Verification of costs and revenues, including costs of environmental consumption. Representative of the chemical group versus Ihar representative

11.45-12.00 Coffee break

Round 3. Fight for the market.
12.00-12-15. quarantine diseases and world marketing of potatoes. Is so terrible and difficult to eliminate. Sanitary practices, crop rotation, seed potato replacement and plant breeding resistance. Dr Włodzimierz Przewodowski versus Dr. Jarosław Przetakiewicz. IHAR

12.15-12.30 potato’s role in the changing world and market trends of production and consumption growth depending on the region of the world. Cedric porter potato world magazine – Marc de Baufort – International potato center.

12.30-12.45 – Phytosanitary requirements and quality in European and world potato trade. Gilles Fontaines – europatat, Romains Cools – world potato congress.

12.45 – 13.00 – Coffe break

Round 4. 13.00-13.30
Power Speach – Iwona Guzowska

14.00 – 14.30 – Lunch

16.00 – closing of the fair

16.00 – 19.00 – free time

19.00 – 20.00 – closing gala of the conference and the official trade fair on the XIVth century castle of Nidzica. As part of the official part of the presentation of previously agreed persons on behalf of the authorities and organizers. During the gala, fair medals are awarded for the most innovative product and  MRiRW event awards in the form of diplomas or statuettes (form to be agreed).

20.00 – 21-00 – Solemn concert of the Olsztyn philharmonic orchestra (the repertoire is to refer to Polish history and tradition but at the same time show modernity in Polish music and openness to the world)

21.00 – 22.00 – Dinner in the form of a Swedish Buffet

22.00 – 3.00 – A dance party combined with a show of proffesional knightly fights around 23.00 hour.

Sunday, 25/08/2019

9.00 – opening of the fair for visitors

10.00 -11.00 run for health (Polish Nordic Walking Association)

11.00 – 13.00 culinary battle combined with a competition for the tastiest potato variety at the fair in Nidzica

14.00 – draw of the main trade fair prize, which is a machine handed over by a sponsor of the machine industry worth 30,000 PLN ( 7 000 EUR). The machine will be drawn randomly only among people with the registering number of the potato producer of Polish Plant Health Inspection

16.00 – end of the fair

To ensure adequate attendance, it will be necessary to support the Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural Chambers and Agricultural Advisory Centers in the field of organization for interested farmers to go to the fair. The reimbursement of travel costs and possible boarding would certainly be a great incentive. In this matter, we have confirmed such support, but must first be taken care of formalities which should not be a problem. However, it is necessary to strongly involve exhibitors in the project and to make every effort to drive the attendance and quality of the exhibition (organizing coach groups and individual inviting special guests to the fair). This is to be the main driving force of the exhibition. It is therefore also necessary to promote the exhibition in public media and several smaller preparatory conferences. The possibility of co-financing the travel of foreign guests in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs remains to be considered.

Due to the fact that the conference and admission to the fair is free, it is necessary to find a large number of exhibitors willing to pay for participation in the fair as well as strategic / general sponsors for whose participation in this event would be general brand marketing and support for the Polish agro industry food. Within the scope of our considerations there are such entities chich are over the potato industry and have corporate international character. It is necessary in this area to help in acquainting the decision makers with the influence on marketing funds in this type of enterprises with the program and goals of the event ( large corporations with a range not only domestic but also international), which could be used to promote their enterprises, the Polish Potato Sector and at the same time promote the region and the country. We are currently in talks with many such entities in order to secure sufficient funding for the event to ensure its high level.

All the issues described constitute the framework on which we intend to build a complete event. The assumption is that details should be discussed and analyzed in the organizing committee, which should also include representatives of the authorities as well as general and main industry Premium sponsors. The involvement of professionals from the trade fair industry, an event agency specialized in the organization of conferences and public media and Internet portals will surely be a big support. We hope for support from many parties not only in financial form but also in the knowledge and experience. We cordially invite you to cooperation.


Tomasz Bieńkowski

  Fair Comissioner

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