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Saturday, 24.08.2019


The conference focuses on  potato as a healthy, high-quality, modern food, produced within  sustainable agriculture, in light of socio-cultural and climatic changes. Efficient resource management, as opposed to growing energy and labour costs. Global trends, perspectives of development for Polish farms and agro-food industry, based on potato production, and related products, involving automation and digitization.

Conference motto is: Experience – Cooperation – Efficiency, as it highlights the importance and benefits of local and global potato producers integration.

The event hosts international speakers, and is planned in a form of a ring, where pairs of speakers will present different views on presented topics.

The conference will close with power speech by Iwona Guzowska – World Champion in Professional Boxing.

Potato as a healthy, high-quality, modern food, produced within sustainable agriculture, in light of socio-cultural and climatic changes. Efficient resource management, as opposed to growing energy and labour costs. Global trends, perspectives of development for Polish farms and agro-food industry, based on potato production, and related products, involving automation and digitization.


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9.30-10.00 Registration / greeting


10.00-10.15 Where are we now? Potato production situation in Poland.
Structural and quality issues. Solutions and future goals.
T. Lenartowicz – COBOR vs J. Wróbel – AGROSAD.

10.15-10.30 Quality or quantity? Need to evaluate the concept of potato production and sales.
K. Korolewicz – EUROPLANT vs A. Dubas – GROOLE

10.30-10.45 Official certification in light of international quality systems.
A. Milczanowska- Hayder – PIORIN vs J. Wilk – AGRO ADVICE

10.45-11.00 Coffee break


11.00-11.15 Energy issue as a cost management factor in agriculture and processing.
dr G. Maśloch – SGH vs K. Jaszczyszyn – The Krzysztof Żmijewski Association for the effectiveness

11.15-11.30 Automation and digitalization contra human resources in traditional agriculture and food processing.
T. Szadziul Archimedes vs P. Mazur

11.30-11.45 Production intensification in light of sustainable and ecological agriculture.

Verification of costs and incomes, including costs of exploiting the natural environment.
dr hab. K. Rębarz – SYNGENTA vs dr hab. J. Tyburski – prof. UWM

11.45-12.00 Coffee break


12.00-12.15 Quarantine diseases within global potato markets.
Sanitary practices, crop rotation, seed potato replacement, and immune plant breeding.
dr J. Przetakiewicz – IHAR-National Research Institute vs dr inż. P. Kamiński – ZAMARTE

12.15-12.30 Potato position in modern world – region-dependent market trends.

12.30-12.45 Quality issue on European and global potato markets – product needs.
D. Pere – PARMENTINE, France vs Ch. Ngane CFAHS, Senegal


12.45 -13.30 Power speech Iwona Guzowska

13.30 -13.45 Conference ending

13.45-15.00 Lunch


Łukasz Gras

Łukasz Grass – Polish radio and television journalist. Co-founder and editor in chief of Akademia Triathlonu (Triathlon Academy),…
– Poland’s biggest internet portal for triathlon amateurs. Hosted many TV programmes, between years 2015-2019 editor in chief of Business Insider Poland, still cooperating with the service.

Iwona Guzowska

Multiple kick-boxing and professional boxing World and Europe champion, …
four time kick-boxing World Cup winner, The Netherlands kick-boxing champion, Finland kick-boxing champion, seven times Poland championship winner. Her vast sport experience proved essential on daily basis. She is often asked what it’s like to face a rival, how to overcome such a huge stress. Many of the mechanism used in fighting can easily be applied to everyday life. Fighting is an inevitable part of life, so getting to know its nature and yourself results in success on all levels.

Cedric Porter

Cedric Porter is the Editor of World Potato Markets, an essential weekly briefing read by potato professionals…
across the world. He also edits Brexit Food & Farming, a monthly update for farmers and food businesses. Cedric is the vice-chairman of sustainability charity LEAF – Linking Environment And Farming and director of a large potato farm in the UK.

Paulina Mazur

Paulina Mazur, Business consultant, employer branding strategist, communication expert…
Paulina has over 14 years of experience in the leading career counselling BIGRAM company. She went from the apprentice to the board member. Developed two international programs in Poland that connect the world of young talents with employers (the GMC Poland competition and the Enactus program). She organized workshops, training in decision making, strategic management, time management, teamwork, employer branding, communication, team collaboration, personal branding, social media.

Cheikh NGANE

Cheikh NGANE  – economist and manager. Since 1986 specializing in international agricultural trade with European Union Member States…
– import and export.
His high level positions in Senegal agricultural sector include:
  • President of Cooperative Federation of Agricultural Farms (Cooperative Federative de l’Horiculture du Senegal);
  • President of National Organization of Fruit and Vegetable Producers and Exporters ( Organisation Nationale des Producteurs et Exportateurs des Fruits et Legumes du Senegal);
  • General Director and majority shareholder of Master AGRI – big producer of string-beans, melon, watermelons, mango and sweet potatoes;
  • Initiator of numerous government projects in agricultural sector, aimed at gradual increase of efficiency, modernization, introducing new breeds and
  • raising qualifications of farmers.

Marc de Beaufort

Who is behind the campaign? The International Potato Center (known by its Spanish acronym CIP)…
is a research-for-development organization with a focus on potato, sweet potato and Andean roots and tubers. Based in Lima, Peru,  CIP is dedicated
to delivering sustainable science-based solutions to the pressing world issues of hunger, poverty, gender equity, climate change and the preservation of Earth’s biodiversity and natural resources.
As part of the CGIAR, a global partnership that unites organizations engaged in research for a food- secured future, CIP has viewed with concern the declining rates of consumption of potatoes, particularly in Europe and North America and hired Marc de Beaufort, a marketing and communications consultant to carry out an analysis of the relationship between consumers and the potato and what could be done to encourage awareness and increased interest in the tuber.
Marc has worked as a consultant for CIP on a variety of projects related to major media outlets like the BBC and other campaigns related to the potato. He has a wide ranging experience in communications having directed various social and political campaigns in different countries of the world. The Imagine the World Without Potatoes campaign model is based on an extremely successful campaign aimed at increasing support for the peace process in Colombia and he has also developed and directed campaigns in Mexico, Turkey, Peru, the US and Europe.
Currently the campaign has over fifty partners in 25 countries and has led to ambitious strategies to promote potato consumption including in China, India, Belgium and Peru. The campaign will start later this year and we hope to bring together the potato sectors in many other nations to promote and raise benefit awareness of its crop.

Dominique PERE

General Director of the CHAMPART Group since 2008. With legal training, Dominique PERE previously headed …
the legal department of an accounting firm. CHAMPART is a public limited company owned by 250 French potato producers. CHAMPART is the owner of PARMENTINE, one of France’s leading fresh potato trading companies. The group commercializes 280,000 tons of potatoes via all its subsidiaries in France and all of the European importing countries.

Doctor Jarosław Przetakiewicz

Graduated from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland – biology department – in 1998.
His M. Sc. degree thesis concerned identification of aminoacides connected with phosphorylation in proteins using immunoprecipitation methods in oats. Dr J. Przetakiewicz started to work in Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute – National Research Institute (IHAR-PIB) in 1998 for Department of Plant Transformation and Cell Engineering. He was responsible for production and molecular, biochemical and phenotypic analysis of somatic hybrids of potato. This work fructified Ph.D. degree in 2003. Title of thesis: “Production of tetraploid somatic hybrids of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) from selected diploid lines”. From 2004 he is working for Department of Plant Pathology in Laboratory of Quarantine Organisms. His research is connected with improving of detection and pathotype determination of S. endobioticum and resistance tests of potato genotypes to different pathotypes of the fungus. He is responsible for pathotype identification of S. endobioticum for Polish Plant Health and Seed Inspection (PIORiN) as well as for official resistance tests of potato cultivars to different pathotypes of the fungus for the Research Centre for Cultivar Testing (COBORU). He cooperates with a lot of agriculture institutes and potato breeders of the European Union countries.

Doctor Engineer Piotr Kamiński

Breeder – creator of potato varieties Chairman of the board of “Potato Breeding Zamarte” Ltd., CO. – IHAR Group
Piotr has been the president of the management board of the company “Potato Breeding Zamarte” Ltd., CO. an IHAR group and a co-author of 50 new original potato varieties. Varieties: Bila, Lord, Denar, Gwiazda, Kuba, Jurek or Tacja belong to the leading varieties in cultivation in Poland and abroad. In 2016, Piotr Kamiński received a PhD in agricultural sciences. In the work “Evaluation of yield stability and culinary properties of potato resistant to Phytophthora infestans” innovative methods of breeding selection and statistical methods was used to evaluate the culinary features of the potato. The use of molecular markers in the breeding selection for the first time in the country resulted in the award of the Minister of Agriculture (2017). “Potato Breeding Zamarte”, founded in 1946, bred and implemented over 100 varieties of potato for cultivation. Currently, despite high competition from western companies, it is still the leading producer of potato tuber seeds.

Agata Dubas

An ethnologist and cultural anthropologist by profession. She worked as a social analyst at the Center for Eastern Studies, researcher of the Russian society, leader and editor of information services in non-governmental organizations, specialist in education.
Groole brand – Bistro in Warsaw, serving baked potatoes and propagating potato food among Warsaw residents. An enthusiastic educator and promoter of knowledge about potatoes, its history and their nutritional values.

Krzysztof Jaszczyszyn

A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology (energetics). Since 2015, closely associated with the energy efficiency industry, responsible for the audit team and conducting audits of energy efficiency (white certificates) and energy audits.
Completed projects for companies from the food, automotive, furniture, service and energy industries. Leading auditor of the energy management system according to ISO 50001, currently associated with the Energy Audit Office and the Krzysztof Żmijewski Association for the effectiveness.

Assistant Proffesor Katarzyna Rębarz

Her adventure with agriculture began in her childhood. She helped her grandfather in a farm located near Gniezno.
This contributed to the selection of studies at the Faculty of Agriculture of The August Cieszkowski University of Agriculture in Poznań, which she started in 1996. After graduation, she began her doctoral studies, and after the defense of her doctoral thesis she was employed at the Department of Soil and Plant Cultivation. She conducted experiments with various types of crops, but she loved the potatoes the most, making all the promotion works on them (MSc,  PhD,  Post-doctoral
degree). Knowledge and passion allow her improve the research base, which she shared in scientific and popular science publications. In October 2014, she started working at Syngenta Polska as a technical expert on fungicides in Central Europe. She currently works as a marketing manager. At all times she conducts theoretical and practical training for potato producers in Poland and abroad (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine or Russia). In 2018 she published a book: “Potato, identification of pests and nutritional deficiencies”..

Doctor Grzegorz Maśloch

Assistant Professor of the Department of Economics and Finance at SGH Warsaw School of Economics. Head of Postgraduate Studies of Local-Government Managers and Post-graduate Studies in Waste Management.
An expert in the field of investment projects preparation, development strategies or investment plans with particular emphasis on renewable energy sources. Author, co-author and scientific editor of over 50 expert publications related to the development of renewable energy, management and financing of infrastructure, new forms of conducting business.

Krzysztof Korolewicz

He has been working at the Europlant since 2001, and since 2004 is a member of the management board and manages the branch of the company in Poland. Europlant is the leading seed producer in Poland. A grower by profession, and…
a passionate propagator of knowledge about potatoes, not only seeds. To search for potato root and deepen potato knowledge, he visited Peru and Bolivia.
– I believe that potato is a wonderful regional product and must be produced by our local farmers with pride and full information about the type and variety. All over the world, it is appreciated by gourmets as a valuable, raw product that is available and fresh all year round.
From a young age, he learn about potato at his grandparents’ farm, then at the Agricultural Technical School in Bonin, which he graduated. He gained his professional experience in Germany.

Jerzy Wróbel

Co-founder and vice president of the Polish Potato Federation. Delegate of Lodz Chambers of Agriculture. Co-owner of such enterprises as: Hodowla Roślin Kalinowa (a leading producer of high-quality vegetables and potatoes) or Agrosad Sp. z o.o.
(one of the largest partners of retail chains in Poland in the field of potato and vegetable supplies) For over 25 years, he has been supporting the construction of Polish quality, professional potato production and operates on international markets in the field of consumer potatoes trade. Social worker, visionary, promoter of innovation in the Polish potato industry.

Agata Milczanowska – Hayder

She has been passionate about agriculture since childhood. After graduating from the Agricultural and Meadow Technical High School in Przemyśl, she studied farming as well as agrotechnology and production management at the Faculty of Environmental Management and Agriculture at the other end of Poland – the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. She associated her professional life with the Voivodeship Inspectorate of Plant Healthand
Seed Inspection in Olsztyn, where she has been working since 2001 as a senior specialist in the Phytosanitary Supervision Department. She deals with the registration of producers, distributors and importers of certain plants, control of potatoes on the market and issuing plant passports. After completing postgraduate studies, Personal Data Protection at the University of Rzeszów University of Law and Public Administration also serves as the Data Protection Officer at this institution.
Propagator of plant health and related regulations knowledge, participates in training, radio broadcasts and information campaigns addressed to everyone, even the youngest. This year, she showed primary school children how they could use IT tools to identify and eradication pathogens found in their gardens, and that 2020 was established by the UN as the International Year of Plant Health.

Jakub Wilk

Born in Piotrków Trybunalski. Associated with the food industry, consultant, auditor, trainer. The graduate of the Swiętokrzyska Academy in the field of agribusiness economics and the Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute in Poznan in the field of integrated plant protection.
Since 2007 the owner of a company providing consultancy services in the field of food quality and safety systems in agriculture and in food processing plants. As part
of his operations he opened a laboratory for water analysis in 2010.

Dr Tomasz Lenartowicz

The graduate of the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Life Sciences in Poznan, specializing in agricultural seed production.
He began his adventure with potato in childhood on the soils of the southern Opole region where he comes from. The relocation to potato homeland contributed to his master’s thesis on very early potato varieties. It was fascinating enough to start working at the Research Centre for Cultivar Testing in Słupia Wielka, where he has been working for over 15 years (with a break for breeding Station of potatoes). Testing new varieties created by breeders, followed by verification in various climate and soil conditions is a constant challenge. He is engaged in the Post-Registration Variety Testing (PDO) and creation of varieties guidance for cultivation by farmers in different voivodships. Curiosity about the interaction of varieties with the environment also contributed to write a PhD thesis and numerous popular science papers.

Assistant Professor Józef Tyburski, professor UWM

Researcher at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, since 1983 employed at the Department of General Soil and Plant Cultivation (currently – Department of Agroecosystems).
Specializes in organic farming and the protection of biological diversity..
Co-founder member of the EKOLAND Organic Food Producers Association, registration – 1989. Co-author of the first Organic Farming Standards in Poland by the EKOLAND association (1994). In the years of 1993–2003, a member of the Standards Committee of the International Federation of
Organic Farming Movements (IFOAM) and co-author of the IFOAM Basic Standards in this period.
In the years 2006-2012 deputy, and since 2013 chairman of the Council for Organic Agriculture and Organic Production at the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. Co-author of one book and scientific editor of a 17-volume series of manuals on organic farming. His publications on organic potato cultivation include both scientific publications and popular science brochures, including: Tyburski J., Sadowski T. 1999. Specifics of potato and wheat cultivation on organic farms. RCDRiOW Przysiek (3 editions in total) Kostiv M., Tyburski J. 2004: Potato protection in organic farming. Postępy Nauk Rolniczych, 4: 97–122.
Tyburski J. 2013. Potato cultivation. Chapter in a manual: General soil and plant cultivation in organic farming: 307-316.
Strong links with farming practice: conducting research on organic farms, running own organic farm. Expert of the European Commission, eip-agri (agriculture and innovation) – member of the Focus Group Organic Farming
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